Spring 2019…and that’s a wrap!

As many of you know, this season was Langley Baseball’s 60th year. Before the start of this season, the Board of Directors had many meetings about how and what we could do in order to make this year the best one ever, but also how we could make sure this was a year that everyone would remember.

To start, we had a couple of amazing board members work on our fields and bullpens. We are proud to say that our fields have never looked better! We held two park clean up days where our parents and children could come help out to spruce things up before the start of the season. We painted, added new designs, spruced up the dugouts, weeded, raked, cleaned, and really put the shine into our beautiful park. Once again, we are really proud of the families we have in our club, and the pride in our children really shined through this season.

We ordered new tents (we love how bright they are!) and new benches for our little guys and gals. We had a new concession that really did an outstanding job! We designed and ordered new pins, and new hoodies to help celebrate our 60th year (if you don’t have a hoodie already, be sure to pick one up!). All our medals were redesigned and we ordered new jerseys (regular and post season).

But the biggest thing that we changed this year was our divisions between ages 9-12. With such a big change, we were unsure how they would affect the players in the club.

To support the change in our division structure, we turned our Mother’s Day Tournament into an in-house Minors tournament (which was a great success with really fun games to watch!) and we celebrated a dear friend, Mike Whitmey, and hosted our first annual Majors A tournament in his honour.

The success of this change rippled throughout our club. The accomplishments that these teams had are the best we’ve had in regular seasons in a very long time! Here is a list of just some of our accomplishments this spring:

  • Major A Yankees – 1st place in Little Mountain Ross Dower tournament
  • Major B Red Sox – 1st place in Justin Morneau tournament
  • Major B Giants – 2nd place in Justin Morneau tournament
  • Major A Dodgers – 1st place in Mike Whitmey Memorial Tournament
  • Major A Yankees – 3rd place in Mike Whitmey Memorial Tournament
  • Major B Athletics – 1st place in Coquitlam Major B Tournament
  • Major A Dodgers – 1st place in Hyack Tournment (plus tournament MVP for a player)

We had two 13/14 year old teams this year that travelled and played all around the lower mainland. We are hosting the Intermediate Nationals again this year for our 13 year olds! Be sure to come and cheer on our Langley boys!

Of course we can’t forget about our younger divisions! They have trained, worked hard and played even harder. They continue to challenge themselves so that by the time they move up to our Minors and Majors levels, Langley will be a force to be reckoned with!!

The Board would really like to thank everyone who played, volunteered, and cheered on our club! We couldn’t have had all these successes without all of you!

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