The Story of eLBe

eLBe was born quite some time ago in a time that only gnomes can count.

He grew up in a gnome village with his parents, his sister, eBBe and his brother eKKe.

When his dad got a job in a land far far away, his whole family packed up and moved to a tiny town nestled in the valley of British Columbia Canada.

It was there that eLBe fell in love with the game of baseball. See gnomes don't usually play baseball on account of their size but wild horses couldn't drag eLBe away.

He especially loved to pitch but soon found that he wasn't very good at it. Mostly because he kept hitting all the kids in the ankles and baseball bats just don't work as golf clubs!

So eLBe hung up his pitching glove and decided he would become a catcher.

His parents, fearing that he could get hurt, asked him to try other positions.

So being the dutiful and good little gnome that he was, he let the bigger kids catch and he took his position in the outfield catching pop flies.

Now that he's a grown gnome, he likes to hang out at the park to help out wherever he can and watch as many games as possible. Sometimes he even travels to away games to cheer his teams on.

He even joined the baseball Board of Directors where he has taken the position of Director of Merriment!

ELBE game
ELBE Pitching
ELBE Mariners

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